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President's Message

Good day and thank you for viewing my website,


I would like to introduce my self as an Aboriginally (Metis) owned Gas and Oilfield Construction Company that resides and conducts business in the Provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan.


I have personally been involved with the Gas and Oil Construction Industry for 30 plus years to which of the last ten years have been mainly in the Lead Inspection/Consultant Construction Managers positions.


I am a elected executive full member with the Region One Aboriginal Business Association (ROABA) Organization of Alberta and a proud member of the Metis Nation of Alberta.


I have a great range of employees and sub-contractors with their resumes on hand should you require to review with past experience that can range from someone who was newly hired to some that may have 40 plus years of expertise in their fields. Their talents do vary so the best way I've found is to discuss the scope of work first and then we can choose the best individual to suit the need of the project.


I am ISNetworld approved.

I do have a comprehensive corporate/company safety manual.

I carry a general liability/Umbrella of 5,000,000 for insurance.

I presently do not have my company CORE, but I am working on it as we speak.


Should you need to converse or require more information please feel free to call at the listed number below at any time.


Thanks again for this opportunity and I do look forward to providing my Industry Professionals and exceptional employee’s / services to your successful projects completions.


Thanking you in advance,


Norman Jewell

Owner / President

Metis North Energy Services Ltd.

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