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Our Projects

Our present projects are what we are most proud of and our past projects are part of the experience we have gained and are fond memories to look back on and be proud of. Take a look at a few of the projects that some of our people have had a hand in completing and continue to work on. Our supervision and inspection has changed the landscape of Canada for the betterment of all Canadians.

Our Services


Our consultants have worked with a variety of businesses varying from small oil companies to corporate giants. Although our clients have ranged in size from start-ups to large corporations, our niche is helping our clients with pipeline inspections and oilfield consulting. Call us today and set up an appointment to discuss your immediate and future needs for management consulting and pipeline inspection services.

Another Well Managed Aboriginal Business

The Canadian Centre for Aboriginal Entrepreneurship’s (CCAE) Aboriginal Entrepreneurship Training Program helps First Nations, Métis, and Inuit people who are interested in becoming self-employed or starting their own business. It is for both those who have a solid idea and want to see it happen, and for those who have an interest in business but have no specific idea yet. 


Please take the time to browse through our website to learn about membership, rights and our programs. Stop by our Coming Events section to learn about many of the exciting things happening this summer. Looking for employment or training? Check out the new Métis Employment and Training Website.

We see an Alberta where the harvesting
of wild furbearers is an ongoing, respected
management activity that helps to ensure
the continuation of this part of Alberta's
heritage, culture, and identity.


As an Association, we will promote the harvesting of wild furbearers in a humane and sustainable manner, thereby benefiting the wild fur resource and all Albertans.


Areas of Expertise

Facility Expansion

New Pipeline Construction

Design Consultation

Pipeline Integrity


Environmental Monitoring


Pipeline and Wellsite Reclamation

Safety Consultation


Road Construction

Facility Construction

Wellsite Construction

Spotlight on Aboriginal Businesses

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