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Our Services

Project Management

Our knowledgeable and experienced inspectors are fully trained in construction techniques. They are familiar with the various regulations and code requirements, including OH & S guidelines. Each inspector is qualified to provide the following services:


Project management, cost control and reporting. Liaison with client operations, head office, 3rd party engineering companies and all other related agencies. Co-ordination with landowners, regulatory authorities and environmental and safety agencies.


Our facility inspectors have worked on numerous projects including the following:


  • Pipeline construction

  • Pipeline maintenance and integrity

  • Highway construction

  • City Street construction

  • Commercial building construction

  • Waterworks and storm drainage

  • Compressor stations

  • Pump stations

  • Gas plants

  • Road and well site facilities

  • Separator and dehy facilities

  • SAGD facilities

  • Secondary containment upgrades

  • Pipeline pumping stations

  • Concrete pipeline protection slabs

  • Erosion control

  • Disposal ponds and containment liner


With this outstanding resources of knowledge and skill, our pipeline and facility inspectors can ensure the safe and successful construction of you project.




Improving Safety Culture

Supervisors influence worker behavior more than any other level in an organization. However, most supervisors have not received formal training to coach for performance, much less to coach for safety performance. What often results is the belief that a supervisor’s role is to manage safety compliance (i.e., rules, policies, procedures, personal protective equipment). This restricted thinking limits a leader in his or her ability to increase performance output beyond the minimum. In this situation, creation of a culture of safety excellence becomes a near impossibility.


Creating a Total Safety Culture requires a common vision and effort from everyone in an organization. There is compelling scientific research demonstrating that the management philosophy of an organization is the most important factor determining its safety performance. For example, research demonstrates that companies with the lowest lost-time injury rates have the highest level of management commitment and employee involvement.


As such, all of our efforts address leadership’s role in changing, supporting, and maintaining a positive culture as a part of their daily operations. The supervisor for many employees is the example of what the organization stands for. Therefore, it is critical that supervisors understand the organization’s values and how to instill these values in the employees they lead on a daily basis.




Safe and Efficient Operations Personnel


Production Operators demonstrate commitment to policies, values, safety and regulatory compliance, and the operational integrity.


Specific responsibilities will include:


Carry out production changes as directed by supervisors

Support other operators and contractors to perform day to day operations activities and procedures in compliance with all safety and regulatory requirements

Maintain and operate equipment including wells, treating facilities, water injection systems, gathering systems and compressors

Complete and maintain production and operations records ( e.g. volume balances, log sheets, work permits, and required reports) for accuracy and timely reporting

Respond to all emergency situations and/or incidents in compliance with all regulations on and off site



Administrative Assistant / Receptionist


The admistration staff being the first point of contact for external employees and visitors to site will effectively, Field incoming phone calls and directing them appropriately, dealing with confidential information properly


Specific responsibilities will include:


Performing department time management. Assisting employees with timesheets and instructing new employees on proper completion protocols. Scanning invoices, expense forms and coding them; keeping records of same

Working with the Operations Leadership Team on presentation material and Monthly Reporting

Providing support to the Operations Leadership Team for Microsoft Office products. Managing meeting schedules and audio/visual support.

Preparing meeting minutes. Managing calendars and schedules for Facility Managers. Assisting employees with travel arrangement. Maintaining files and recording documentation (hard copy and electronic)

Assisting in the organization of, and participate in, monthly Safety meetings. Handling of incoming and outgoing mail through courier contracts. Managing consumable products such as stationary supplies, coffee/tea and water deliveries.



Tank Integrity Standards and Inspections


Tank inspection services. Services include repair, risk-based assessment, mechanical integrity assessment, spill prevention, control and countermeasures plan for tank inspection compliance, third-party storage tank inspection, annual valid use permit inspection and non-destructive testing (NDT). Non-destructive testing (NDT) services such as radiography/digital X-ray testing, magnetic particle inspection, liquid penetrant testing, ultrasonic testing, infrared inspection. Inspection services are available for above and underground tanks and tanks designed to UL®, ASME, API, ASTM and AWWA standards.



Project, Site and Corporate Security


Security Guard Services
We provide you with gate attendants and area security to control the access and monitor the entire operations area. Security will keep full logs of any entry into the camp or work site, and stop anyone without identification to pass through.
Safety conditions at the oil and gas sites can change rapidly, our guards are trained to detect any size of safety threat and act on it accordingly. Our security guards will work very closely with the facility management to maintain a safe and security environment in the camp or work site. We also provide 4x4 security vehicles for patrolling the site.
Corporate Security

Our team of experienced protection specialists consists of highly trained law enforcement and military professionals who routinely protect some of the most famous and influential people in the world with absolute discretion and respect for their privacy.


We have a special team of Investigators dedicated to protecting the assets  and interests of corporations including internal theft, fraud and dishonesty investigations, breach of trust, expense abuse, executive protection, security counseling.


Our nationally-recognized training programs empower individuals in dealing with conflict, aggression, and violence in the workplace. Whether you are an individual, or represent an agency, we have the Basic and
Instructor Course Certifications that YOU need.


We know that a one-size-fits-all training program does not meet the needs of everyone, so we’ve structured our courses to meet the scheduling, budgetary, and operational needs of your agency.



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